The main expected result of the UNICORN project is a new Mobility Scheme for HE students that will serve the purpose of developing their « civic and democratic competences » and enhance their sense of social and civic responsibility. This new UNICORN Mobility Scheme will actually combine international mobility towards another university (for the purposes of study, placement, thesis, or other curricular-related activities) with the participation in a Service-Learning project offered by the hosting university in collaboration with some community organisation. At the end of the mobility period, this experience of community service will be regularly recognised with curricular credits (ECTS) – whatever the purpose of the mobility was.

The UNICORN S-L projects implemented by the partner universities in collaboration with the partner community organisations, open to the participation of students coming from other countries, will constitute the « UNICORN Living Catalogue ».

Other results of the UNICORN project – all of them functional to the implementation, functioning and sustainability of the new Mobility Scheme – will be the following:

  • a set of Training Resources for academics and community organisations;
  • a MOOC for students, to prepare them to the Service-Learning experience abroad;
  • a Mobility Administrative Toolkit;
  • a set of Recommendations for policy makers ;