INTERNATIONAL OPEN CONFERENCE - International Service-Learning and Intercultural Competence: a discussion around the UNICORN and TICKET projects

The International Open Conference of the UNICORN project was held last 23rd of June. Click HERE for more info!

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While UNICORN students are arriving at the host universities, the UNICORN MOOC on Service-Learning and Intercultural Competences is available for them (and for everybody) to prepare for their unique Service-Learning experience abroad

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General Introduction to the MOOC

Here you can find an introductory video to the MOOC that will help you to better understand the contents of the UNICORN Project, in particular about Intercultural Competences, the Pedagogical Model of Service-Learning and the link between them. Click HERE to start this new experience!

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Getting ready for the first round of mobility pilots

After taking part in the virtual training event on "How to design UNICORN projects", partner universities and community organisations staff have been fine tuning the UNICORN projects that will be promoted to prospective E+ exchange students

UNICORN Training Event for academics and community organisations

Academics, International Relations Officers and community organisations' staff of the UNICORN consortium took part in the virtual training event on "How to design and implement UNICORN projects" that was held on 4 days between the 30 November 2020 and the 18 January 2021. The training resources will be made available publicly on this site and they are recommended to anyone who might be interested in knowing more about how to design Service-Learning projects that comply with a set of quality standards and which are open to students from abroad.


The project was presented at the virtual conference on the 15 of October 2020 in Poster discussions - Student Mobility - "Connecting student mobility to community engagement: the UNICORN model for international service-learning"

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