Development of the model

The UNICORN model was developed during a project lifetime amounting to 40 months, starting from September 2019, up to December 2022.   

In the first of the project lifetime the partnership carried out the following activities:

  • mapping existing course units / modules / projects that adopt the service-learning approach (or similar) 
  • developing a "UNICORN Taxonomy" to describe / assess SL courses
  • developing a UNICORN Staff Training Handbook for academics and for community organisations' staff on how to design SL projects open to the participation of exchange students
  • carrying out a joint staff training event 
  • Designing UNICORN SL courses (open to both local and incoming exchange students), either from scratch, or from existing courses mapped in the first place
  • Describing the UNICORN courses in the "UNICORN Living Catalogue"
  • Setting up mobility tools / procedures to implement the UNICORN mobility and ensure recognition of curricular credits awarded for the SL courses


The second half of the project lifetime focused on the following activities:

  • Piloting the UNICORN mobility
  • Describing the procedures/tools to implement the UNICORN international service-learning model in a document addressed to mobility experts named "UNICORN Administrative Toolkit"
  • Developing a MOOC for the UNICORN students to prepare to the UNICORN insternational service-learning experience
  • Producing a set of  "Recommendations for policy makers" and intensifying dissemination activities.