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Deadline: 22 May 2022 

The Local Task Force of the University of Bologna (UniBo LTF) is the group representing UniBo students within Una Europa and the organiser of Una activities and events at the local level. Within it, members from the Student Council and students selected specifically to be a part of the team work together thanks to the characteristic hybridity of the selection system. The governing principles of the group are Equality, Sovereignty, and Subsidiarity, which constitute the basis for the group’s structure. Each of the members of the UniBo LTF is the co-creator for any initiatives on behalf of the University of Bologna.

The main objectives of the UniBo LTF are:

  • To involve and represent the students of the University of Bologna in Una Europa activities and initiatives.
  • To provide information on Una Europa and on the role students play within it.
  • To identify the interests and understand the needs of the students of the University of Bologna and present all due requests to the Student Board.
  • To support and participate in initiatives suggested and organized by the Student Board of Una Europa.
  • To develop projects benefitting the students of the alliance.
  • To help build relationships and network with student bodies of the other universities within the Una Europa Alliance.
  • To create a pool of students for the University of the Future and share the guiding principles and philosophy of the Alliance.

Structure of the UniBo LTF

The UniBo LTF is composed by 15 members, organised in four different subdivisions: Administrative, Project Coordination, People & Talents and Marketing & Communication.

  • Administrative
  • Project Coordination
  • People & Talents
  • Marketing & Communication


The Hybrid System

The UniBo LTF is the only Task Force adopting a hybrid system for what regards the composition of its members. Differently from other LTFs, only 13 out the total 15 students are selected by the BLTF Peoples & Talents subdivision, while the other 2 are students coming from the Student Council and appointed by the Student Council itself.

In its composition, the UniBo LTF aims at achieving as much as possible a gender balance and its goal is to include students from all levels (BA, MA and PhD).

Each position within the Task Force has a 1-year term with the possibility of renewal up to 1 year, except for the Co-president position, which has no right to be renewed.

For any information regarding the Hybrid system please check out our official statute and get in touch with our Jurisconsult for any further question.


We are happy to introduce you the Unibo Local Task Force: 

Melis D O Uslu- Co-president
Filippo Cappiello- Co-president
Febe Piccinin- Vice President
Gabriele Federico- Project Manager 
Alessandro Carpi - Jurisconsult
Lorenzo Savini - Project Manager
Riccardo Stronati - HR
Luisa Zaccherini - Communication & Marketing

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