Una Europa Student Group – University of Bologna

Within Una Europa, a Student Board has been set up: it is composed of a delegate for each partner university. The task of student board is to bring the student perspective into all the activities of Una Europa and its members should act as "ambassadors" of and for the student community of each partner university.


The creation of a working group with different ideas, perspectives and experiences from our university was considered a necessary step to add the point of view of the students of our Alma Mater within the process of rethinking the role of universities in the future. Those ideas, perspectives and experiences could serve as a starting point for discussions within the Una Europa alliance.

Structure and activities of the working group

The main objectives of this working group are:

  • Involve students at the University of Bologna in the activities of Una Europa
  • Provide information on Una Europa and the role of students
  • Identify the interests and understand the needs of the students of the University of Bologna and possibly present them to the alliance
  • Design and organize projects and activities on the themes of Una Europa within the University
  • Support and participate in initiatives suggested and organized by the Student Board of Una Europa
  • Help build relationships with the student bodies of the other universities within the Una Europa Alliance

In order to develop the activities above, students must give their availability to participate in meetings and suggest ideas and initiatives within the 1Europe project and the Una Europe Alliance. Working groups will meet at least once every 2 months. 

The “Una Europa Student Group” will consist of 11 members: 

1 coordinator who will represent the University at the Una Europa student board - Giacomo Zanni
10 students divided as follows:

  • 2 members of the university’s Student Council appointed by the Student Council itself;
  • 8 selected by a committee of the university’s Student Council according to the criteria listed below. In compliance with SDGs 5-10, the group will be made up of men and women as equally as possible, divided between BA, MA and PhD students.

Each position has a 1-year term with the possibility of 1-year renewal. Out-of-term students will compose the committee in charge of choosing the new members of the "Una Europa Students Group" (according to a procedure that will be defined later on).


After the selection we are happy to introduce you the Student Group of the University of Bologna:

  • Giacomo Zanni (Consiglio Studentesco)
  • Laura Colli (Consiglio Studentesco)
  • Stephanie Arnold 
  • Francesco Balzan 
  • Alessandro Carpi 
  • Rosa Maria Currò
  • Gabriele Federico 
  • Francesco Melega
  • Melis Damla Ozun Uslu
  • Febe Piccinin 


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