The spiderweb of creativity that is being woven around Una Europa

There is a lot boiling in the pot of the "European Universities" initiative, because to make this ambitous dream come true, several iniviatives are being (and will be) constructed in order to support specific aspects towards the integration of the universities. In the case of Una Europa we are already participating in several parallel projects to reinforce and enhace the cooperation of the partner universities: 

  • 1Europe -  The very first stone in our partnership, Co-funded with an Erasmus+ grant of €5 million for three years and coordinated by KU Leuven, this project is in fact at the basis of the alliance because it provided us with the framework and funds to develop trully innovative Joint Educational and Mobility Programmes. More info HERE


  • Una.Resin - Towards a common Una Europa RESearch and INnovation ecosystem, Born as a support for the Research and Innovation Dimension of the European Universities, Una.Resin will create shared strategies on R&I, Sharing Research Infrastructure and Resources, and Strengthening Human Capital.


  • OpenU -  This project aims to have a highly useable platform called BLOOM that will be developed with the principles on co-sharing and co-creation in close cooperation with universities and national high-level authorities. Una Europa makes part of the Experimenters of the Hub. 


  • EuniQ -  The main goal of this project is to develop a European Framework for Comprehensive QA of European Universities. Una Europa will be one of the pilot alliances that will provide feedback. More information HERE


  • Seed Funding Una Europa - Una Europa launches an annual call for applications for seed funding. The aim of the seed funding initiative is to support the initiation of long-term collaborative activities between the partner universities. The results of the first call showed that Unibo was the university with more coordinated projects (5 out of 12) and the only one participating in all of the selected projects.