AI & Society - Call for #5 Una Masterclass workshop for PhD students

Deadline for applications: 10th April, 2022.

DIGITALIZED! Society in the Era of Digital Revolutionproject*.


Una Masterclasses are a few days meetings with world-leading scientists, entrepreneurs, science managers, and opinion-makers to discuss a selected, vital problem falling within the thematic scope of the project.


The fifth Una Masterclass workshop will be held by Michael Rovatsos Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the School of Informatics, Deputy Vice Principal of Research, and Director of the Bayes Centre at the University of Edinburgh. His academic research interests are mainly in multiagent systems, i.e. systems where either artificial or human agents collaborate or compete with each other. In his work, he uses an eclectic mix of AI techniques (from knowledge-based to game-theoretic and machine learning based techniques) and collaborates extensively with social scientists, human factors experts and users of real-world systems. He has published around 100 articles and been involved in projects that have received over £18m of external funding, leading a group that has hosted over 40 people.


TitleAI & Society

In this masterclass, participants will explore the deeper questions behind the current debate on the impact of AI on society. The intensive four-day programme will pursue three different lines of scientific enquiry into the topic – the fundamental underpinnings of computational thinking and AI, ways of thinking about ethical questions in an AI context, and debates and controversies in specific areas of its use in society. Each of these will be taught in parallel through daily lectures, discussions, and exercises to enable participants to develop critical and well-informed thinking when approaching thorny questions around AI in society. The masterclass does not assume any technical background beyond secondary school level mathematics and familiarity with everyday life digital technologies, but it will also provide interesting interdisciplinary perspectives for those with a background in computing and AI.


Dates and time:           Kraków, 17 - 20.05.2022

Please send your application to     

Deadline for applications: 10th April, 2022

Requirements: the status of PhD student in one of Una Europa universities, interest in the workshop topic.

The selection of participants will be based on the order of application.

Jagiellonian University covers the cost of flights, accommodation and provides catering.


Information is also available in the attached invitation or on the website (here).

* The aim of DIGITALIZED! is to develop new methods to intensify the cooperation between the universities of Una Europa, and to conduct scientific research. The project also endeavours to popularize and educate. Moreover, the additional goal is to implement and carry out projects in the socio-economic environment that are connected with the impact of the digital revolution which influences changes in the social world.

DIGITALIZED! is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange as part of the Academic International Partnerships programme.