Academic mobility opportunities: research, teaching, and science dissemination

Deadline June 30, 2024

The University of Bologna has published a call for applications aimed at providing financial support for faculty members and researchers who wish to undertake a mobility period abroad at the locations of the 'UNA Europa' alliance, with the goal of promoting collaborative teaching, research, or scientific dissemination activities between the alliance locations.

Consult the call.

Mobility projects are intended both for incoming (referring to faculty and researchers from partner universities invited to the University of Bologna by the applicant) and outgoing (referring to faculty and researchers from the University of Bologna who intend to visit one of the UNA Europa locations).

Target audience
Outgoing mobility projects can be submitted by faculty and researchers employed by the University of Bologna (first and second tier professors and structured researchers - RTDA, RTDB, RTT).
As for faculty and researchers from partner universities proposed as candidates for incoming mobility, it is up to the individual proposer to assess the appropriateness of their role.
Each faculty member may propose a maximum of one mobility project, either incoming or outgoing.


Further information about the call is available on the University of  Bologna Intranet (in Italian)


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