Una Europa – UniBo Local Task Force

Call For Application. Deadline: 23rd October

The “Una EuropaUniBo Local Task Force” (UniBo LTF) is the official student-led body of Una Europa at the University of Bologna. It is the liaison between the Unibo student community and the Una Europa Student Board. In fact, it represents the interests and needs of UniBo students in the interuniversity dialogue and cooperation taking place in the Student Board of Una Europa. The LTF gathers students of all levels and backgrounds with the aim of putting forward, developing, implementing, and coordinating events, ideas or projects at the local and international levels, and presenting Una Europa to the student community of UniBo.  

The main objectives of the UniBo LTF are: 

  • To provide information on Una Europa and the role students play in it 
  • To involve students at the University of Bologna in Una Europa activities 
  • To identify the interests and understand the needs of the students at the University of Bologna and present them to the Una Europa Student Board 
  • To organise projects and activities on Una Europa themes within the University of Bologna 
  • To support and participate in initiatives suggested and organized by the Student Board of Una Europa 
  • To help build relationships with the student bodies of the other universities within the Una Europa Alliance
  • To create a pool of students for the University of the Future 

In order to achieve these goals, The Unibo LTF has structured its composition in different departments to which the selected students can adhere according to their preferences and skills. These departments are: 

  • Administrative 
  • Projects & Events 
  • People & Talents 
  • Communication & Marketing 

The UniBo LTF works in synergy with the administrative offices of the University of Bologna, with the Local Task Forces of the other universities of the alliance and with the Una Europa Student Board. It is thus an environment based on communication and cooperation at the national and international levels.  

The UniBo Local Task Force meets twice a month for two different meetings:  

  • Once a month for the LTF General Meeting  
  • Once every two months for the Updating meeting between the UniBo Local Task Force and the Una Europa Staff at UniBo 
  • Extra meetings can take place if needed 

In ordinary times, the UniBo LTF consists of 15 members, organised according to the following structure: 

  • 2 Co-presidents: one representative elected by the UniBo LTF itself and the other one nominated by the Unibo Student Council (Consiglio degli Studenti). 
  • 13 students are selected with a call for applications by a commission composed of Una Europa Staff at UniBo and current students of the LTF. The commission selects and ranks the new members, according to the criteria listed below. In compliance with SDGs 5-10, the group composition will be based as much as possible on the principles of gender balance, diversity and inclusion and can involve BA, MA and PhD students. 

Each position has a 2-year maximum term. 

To know more about the UniBo LTF, please visit the dedicated page allocated in the official website of University for Bologna (https://site.unibo.it/una-europa/en/get-involved-una-europa/unibo-student-local-task-force).  


  • Be enrolled in the academic year 2023/2024 at the University of Bologna – FIRST (BA); SECOND (MA or SINGLE CYCLE) OR THIRD (PhD) CYCLE. 
  • The expected graduation date of the applicant must not fall before October 2024.
  • Knowledge of English language (suggested level: B2) The activities include interacting with students and staff of other partner universities, reading documents in English, drafting bilingual communications (ITA/ENG), participating in events where English is spoken and liaising with the entire community of students of the University of Bologna, including international students. 
  • Knowledge of Italian language (suggested level: B2) The activities include reading documents in Italian, drafting bilingual communications (ITA/ENG), participating in events where Italian is spoken and liaising with the entire community of students of the University of Bologna. 
  • The availability to take part to the meetings and the attention to the emails sent by team members. 
  • One or more of the following skills: Interpersonal Skills, Organisational Skills, Time Management, Digital Skills (Excel, Word, Power Point, Online Tools), Ability to Work both Independently and In Groups, Cross-Cultural Communication, Leadership, Problem-Solving skills, Creativity. 

 How to Apply 

 To apply to become a member of the Una Europa – UniBo Local Task Force you should fill in the application form  by 23th October.


Each application will be evaluated on a graded scale going from 0 to 10 and a ranking will be drawn up. 

Points awarded for the Motivational Letter (Max 6 points) 

Points awarded for the Curriculum Vitae (Max 4 points) 

  The first 20 ranked applicants will be selected for an interview with a committee made up of members of the LTF and Una Europa administrative staff. The interviews will take place in November 2023 (exact dates TBC). During the interview your language will be tested. 

After the interviews, the final ranking list will be published and the candidates will be contacted. The open positions are 9. At the end of this process, the new members that will become part of the Una Europa Unibo Local Task Force will be invited for a kick-off meeting.  



Deadline: 23rd October 2023.