Papers and Reports

Below you can find a list of scientific papers as well as technical reports originated by the TASTE project, as of May 2016.

Special Issues 

"Organizational Goals, Firm Outcomes and the Assessment of Performance: Reconceptualizing Success in Management Studies",                                                                Journal of Management Studies, Deadline: 30 April 2020, Alfredo De Massis, Riccardo Fini and Wright Mike

"‘Theories from the Lab’ - How Research on Science Commercialization can Contribute to Management Studies"                                                                                               Journal of Management Studies, Riccardo Fini, Einar Rasmussen, Johan Wiklund and Mike Wright  

"Leveraging open innovation to improve society: past achievements and future trajectories"                                                                                                                                R&D Management Journal, Joon Mo Ahn, Riccardo Fini, Letizia Mortara and Nadine Roijakkers


"Process approach to academic entrepreneurship: evidence from the globe"
Riccardo Fini and Rosa Grimaldi 

Research Papers

"Institutional Determinants of University Spin-Off Quantity and Quality: A Longitudinal, Multi-Level, Cross-Country Study"
Riccardo Fini, Kun Fu, Marius Tuft Mathisen, Einar Rasmussen, and Mike Wright

"Accounting for Universities’ Impact: Using Augmented Data to Measure Academic Engagement and Commercialization by Academic Scientists" 
Markus Perkmann, Riccardo Fini, Jan-Michael Ross, Clio Silvestri, Ammon Salter and Valentina Tartari

"Academic Logic and Corporate Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Study of the Interaction between Cognitive and Institutional Factors in New Firms" 
Riccardo Fini and Laura Toschi

"University Spin-Offs and Their Impact: Longitudinal Evidence from Italy"
Daniela Bolzani, Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi and Maurizio Sobrero

"Academic Engagement and Commercialisation: A Review of the Literature on University Relations with Industry"
Markus Perkmann, Valentina Tartari, Maureen McKelvey, Erkko Autio, Anders Brostrom, Pablo D'Este, Riccardo Fini, Aldo Geuna, Rosa Grimaldi, Alan Hughes, M. Kitson, Stefan Krabel, Patrick Llerena, Francesco Lissoni, Ammon Salter, and Maurizio Sobrero

"Complements or Substitutes? The Role of Universities and Local Context in Supporting the Creation of Academic Spin-offs" 
Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi, Simone Santoni and Maurizio Sobrero

"Factors Fostering Academics to Start Up New Ventures: An Assessment of Italian Founders' Incentives" 
Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi and Maurizio Sobrero

"The Institutionalisation of University Patenting Activity in Italy: Diffusion and Evolution of Organisational Practices" 
Nicola Baldini, Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi and Maurizio Sobrero

"Different Yokes for Different Folks: Individual Preferences, Institutional Logics, and the Commercialization of Academic Research" 
Riccardo Fini and Nicola Lacetera

"Academic Entrepreneurship" 
Riccardo Fini, Nicola Lacetera and Scott Shane

"The Micro-Foundation of Entrepreneurial Dynamics" 
Riccardo Fini


Book Chapters 

"The Internationalization of Academic Spin-Offs: Evidence from Italy
Daniela Bolzani, Riccardo Fini and Rosa Grimaldi 

"The Transition Towards Entrepreneurial Universities: An Assessment of Academic Entrepreneurship in Italy" 
Nicola Baldini, Riccardo Fini and Rosa Grimaldi

"Academic Founders and Business Opportunity Generation: An Empirical Analysis Based on Italian Academic Spin-Offs" 
Riccardo Fini and Rosa Grimaldi


Technical Reports 

"Fifteen Years of Academic Entrepreneurship in Italy: Evidence from the Taste Project"
Daniela Bolzani, Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi, Simone Santoni and Maurizio Sobrero

"OSIRIDE - The Observatory of Science-Based Spin-Offs in Emilia Romagna" 
Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi and Maurizio Sobrero