Optimisation and lightweight design and manufacturing of automotive components

Teachers: Dario Croccolo, Francesco Leali, Alessandro Pirondi

Management strategies for the supply chain inbound to the production system. Impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on the automotive manufacturing and assembly systems. The role of digital twins in the automotive production systems

Teachers: Alberto Regattieri, Giulia Ganzerla

Vehicle dynamics applied to hybrid and electrified motorcycles and cars

Teachers: Alberto Martini, Silvio Sorrentino

Design, modelling and control of hybrid and electric powertrains

Teachers: Nicolò Cavina, Claudio Rossi, Vittorio Ravaglioli

Life cycle assessment of hybrid and electric vehicles. Ethical and legal aspects related to digitisation and use of artificial intelligence in automotive applications

Teachers: Fabrizio Passarini, Enrico Al Mureden

Sensor and robot modeling, sensing objectives and performance estimation, perception-driven planning and control, human factors with autonomous vehicles

Teachers: Silvia Ferrari, Wendy Ju