Work in progress

  • Campiglio, E., Deyris, J., Romelli, D. 'Warning words in a warming world: Central bank communication and climate change'
  • Campiglio, E., Deyris, J, Geels, F., Schroeder, C. 'Guardians of the regime: Central banks and the dual role of finance in sociotechnical transitions'
  • Campiglio, E., Massoni, H., Trsek, S. 'The network effects of carbon pricing'
  • Campiglio, E., Shears, E. 'Designing just climate policies accounting for international production networks'


Working papers

  • Campiglio, E., De Angelis, L., Neri, P. , Scalisi, G., "From climate chat to climate shock: Non-linear impacts of transition risk in energy CDS markets" Link to the paper
  • Campiglio, E., Spiganti, A., Wiskich A. "Clean Innovation and Heterogeneous Financing Costs" Link to the working paper
  • Campiglio, E., Lamperti, F., Terranova, R. 'Believe me when I say green! Heterogenous expectations and climate policy uncertainty' Link to the working paper
  • Campiglio, E., Dietz, S., Venmans, F., 'Optimal climate policy as if the transition matters', Working paper n.387, LSE Grantham Research Institute Link to working paper


Published articles

  • Cahen-Fourot, L., Campiglio, E., Daumas, L., Miess, M., Yardley, A. (2023) 'Stranding ahoy? Heterogeneous transition beliefs and capital investment choices'. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 216, 535-567 Link to the article (open access)
  • Espagne E., Oman W.; Mercure J., Svartzman R., Volz U.; Pollitt H., Semieniuk G., Campiglio E. "Cross-border risks of a global economy in mid-transition",  IMF Working Paper No. 2023/184, International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C. " Link to paper
  • Campiglio E., Daumas L., Monnin P., von Jagow A. (2023) "Climate-related risks in financial assets" Journal of Economic Surveys 2022;1–43. Link to the article (open access)
  • Campiglio, E., van der Ploeg, F. (2022) "Macrofinancial Risks of the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy", Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 16 (2). Link to the article 
  • Campiglio, E., Lamperti F. (2022) “Sustainable Finance Policy-Making: Why and How”, European Economy: Banks, regulation and the real sector 021.2. Link to the article (open access)

  • Cahen-Fourot, L., Campiglio, E., Godin, A., Kemp-Benedict, E., Trsek, S. (2021) "Capital stranding cascades: The impact of decarbonisation on productive asset utilisation", Energy Economics 103, 105581. Link to article (open access)
  • Baer, M., Campiglio, E., Deyris, J. (2021) "It takes two to dance: Institutional dynamics and climate-related financial policies", Ecological Economics, 190, 107210. Link to article (open access)