Virtual Museum of Service-Learning

The virtual visit to the Museum will allow visitors to discover the Service-Learning projects as in a real art exhibition. Visitors will be able to leave comments about their visit experience. The museum is an output of the Courses Service-Learning & Community Engagement Lab.

Museo entrance

What is a museum? The official definition states "A permanent, non-profit institution at the service of society and its development, open to the public, which collects evidence of the tangible and intangible heritage produced over time, conserves it, communicates it and exhibits it for educational and cultural purposes". A more recent definition, under discussion in ICOM,  considers museum as an institution in the community that "works in active partnership with and for diverse communities in order to collect, preserve, research, interpret, display and enhance understanding of the world, with the aim of contributing to human dignity and social justice, global equality and planetary well-being" (source:

Starting from this vision of the museum, we decided to showcase to the community the results of the Service-Learning & Community Engagement Lab courses, included in the University of Bologna courses on transferable skills in the form of a "virtual" museum.
The two courses were attended by 43 students from different degrees/curricula at the University of Bologna (with a majority of students enrolled in the Management Engineering course), who engaged in 16 projects, offered in partnership with 16  different organisations (NGOs, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, public services, from the Bologna, Forlì and Cesena areas.