Internship at the experimental vertical farm "Alma VFarm"

Vertical farming is an innovative cultivation system with high technological input. Constantly spreading globally, it requires significant research and development work to understand its potential and increase its efficiency. Alma VFarm is an experimental vertical farm located within the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL) of the University of Bologna. It is a pilot implemented ad part of the European H2020 FoodE project dedicated to research, education, and dissemination of technological innovations in urban agriculture. The facility features both aeroponic and hydroponic growing systems inside and is equipped with systems for managing all environmental parameters including LED lighting. It also allows energy and water consumption to be accounted in order to conduct resource use efficiency analyses. 


START DATE: dependent on completion of necessary administrative procedures.

ACTIVITIES: support in research activities

  • Support in setting up an experimental trial;
  • Support in managing an experiment in an indoor cultivation system;
  • Support in data collection.

CERTIFICATION: the candidate must have completed the 3 modules on workplace safety.


Internship in "Agricola Moderna" a vertical farming company

Agricola Moderna is a Vertical Farming company which is growing food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture. In our modern farming company, we control the entire process from seed to store. Our farms use zero pesticides, 95% less water, and are 100+ times more productive on the same footprint of land than traditional agriculture. Agricola Moderna has developed a recognized brand by developing products that are better for the customer and the environment. Agricola Moderna currently operates a commercial vertical farm facility in the Milano province, producing baby leaf which are sold to the regional Supermarkets. Inside our vertical farm we have built a dedicated laboratory, which enables the research team to test all processes related to the growth of the plants and the development of new plant varieties and recipes. Our goal is to produce crops with superior nutritional quality and taste.

DURATION OF INTERNSHIP: minimum duration of 6 months

STARTING DATE: march 2023

TOPIC: will be defined before the starting of the internship in accordance with you, your university supervisor and your AM tutor. 

ACTIVITIES: assistance during commercial phases;

                        collection of data relating to the environment and plant growth;

                        organization and execution of various agronomic tests;

                        analysis and interpretation of data;

                        results presentation.

SKILLS: ideal candidate should have good agronomic knowledge and be able to work with method; 


               powers of observation;

               sense of initiative.

CONTACT: attaching your CV.

Internship on Pollinator biodiversity in urban green areas

Urbanisation is one of the leading drivers of global land cover change which has resulted in the decline of many pollinating insects. As such, the development of green infrastructure needs to cater to the requirements of beneficial insect species, like pollinators. This project, conducted across the city of Bologna, aims at determining the main drivers of the pollinator communities across the city and eventually creating an ecological network that facilitates the movement of pollinators through the provisioning of suitable areas of habitat.

DURATION OF INTERNSHIPThe time dedicated to these activities is flexible, until the end of October



  • Pinning insects captured from the monitoring program.
  • Assistance in identifying pollinators to broad groups.
  • Plant and Vegetation surveys across study sites

CONTACT: Agata Morelli (

Participatory monitoring at "Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita"

The objective of the internship is monitoring the sustainability performance of "Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita". "Le Serre" is an agro-food initiative that is a partner in the H2020 FoodE project. Such monitoring will be implemented with citizen participation. Citizens' feedback will be collected through the rating of the performance indicators through the FoodE app. 



START DATE: as soon as possible.


  • The student will collect data and analyse citizens feedback on the performance indicators.


  • Designing a survey
  • Interviewing stakeholders
  • Analysing survey data


Veles Farming

Internship at Veles Farming

Veles Farming is a forward-thinking food tech startup rooted in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. Our prime focus is cultivating high-quality saffron, but through meticulous research and continuous technology development, we aim to grow crops where not possible before while optimising our growing processes to deliver superior quality products. Our mission is straightforward - to redefine agricultural paradigms by demonstrating the boundless potential of vertical farming combined with upcoming technologies. At Veles, we believe that the fusion of traditional agriculture with modern technology can unlock an abundance of possibilities, catering to high-demand markets in a sustainable and efficient manner.

DURATION OF THE INTERNSHIP: from 3 to 5 months. From February/March to May/June.

LOCATION: Bratislava, Slovakia.

ACTIVITIES: The intern will work during the flowering period and the main tasks will include:

  • Data collection and analysis regarding bulb weight and its impact on flower production.
  • Examination of saffron quality in relation to bulb characteristics and environmental conditions.
  • Analysis of the working process to identify areas of efficiency and improvement.

ESSENTIAL SKILLS: basic competencies for data collection and analysis, self-motivated, flexible.

APPLICATION: send CV and a previous completed project.


Internship at Tectum Garden (Barcelona)

The aim of the internship concerns the management of fertigation and pest control in a closed-loop hydroponic system for horticultural production in the city of Barcelona.

Duration of the internship

- 240 hours

Expertise and competence achieved during the internship:

-Support the organization of activities in the hydroponic garden

-Management of the hydroponic system (i.e. fertigation and pest management)


Essential skills

- Use of Microsoft Office package (word, excel, powerpoint)



Internship at Vertical Farm Ljusgårda, Tibro, Sweden

Ljusgårda, founded in 2017 and located in Tibro, has rapidly grown to become Sweden's largest vertical farm. Their first facility, Solgården, has the capacity to produce over 500 tons of lettuce per year. Currently, Ljusgårda distributes two varieties of bagged lettuce, reaching about one-third of all grocery stores in Sweden.

The company also operates a research and development facility that studies the growth of new plants, cultivation methods, AI tools, and various sensing technologies.


Support and assist with research activities such as:

  • Data collection and analysis;
  • Setting up experimental and research tests;
  • Supporting market research.