PRIN2022 ENCAPSULATE project has been funded

September the 28th 2023 is the official start date of the ENCAPSULATE project.
ENCAPSULATE will build the grounds for a new game-changing, robust and versatile technology for the realization of the European circular economy objectives. Our proposal will provide the milestones for innovative and highly efficient catalytic processes for the fractionation and in-situ upgrading of second generation lignocellulosic biomass, together with the valorization of its components. i.e. cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. In this way, the high efficiency of the technologies developed in ENCAPSULATE will help in the reduction of CO2 emissions via the utilization of the already available lignocellulosic waste produced as a result of agricultural activities, forestry and urban pruning operations, a raw material with a cost tending to zero, decreasing the costs for the production of specialty chemicals.

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