Facilities and Intranet

Material synthesis and characterization

- chemical hoods with schlenk line
- centrifuges
- NMR 600
- SEC, dialysis, ultrafiltration

Photochemical characterization, morphological and structural characterization of nano-materials:

- steady-state and time-resolved absorbance, emission and emission anisotropy;
- light-sheet fluorescence and scattering microscopy;
- microscopy setup for single molecule experiments (Olympus IX71 body with Ar ion CW laser and EM-CCD);
- Nikon A1R confocal microscope with spectral module and Picoquant extension for FCS and FLIM;
- DLS, SLS, Zeta-Potential (Malvern Zeta Sizer);
- TEM, SEM with EDX (service);