Research & Expertise

Current research projects:

    • Genomic, molecular and metabolic analyses of bacteria with environmental and industrial relevance (especially of the genera Rhodococcus and Pseudomonas) capable of metabolizing and/or biotransforming organic molecules (e.g. aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons) and toxic metals (e.g. arsenic) under planktonic and biofilm growth conditions;
    • Omic and functional analyses of microbial strains and microbial communities [isolated from natural environments (including extreme ones, e.g. caves, contaminated sites, glaciers) and bioreactors], which possess metabolic capabilities of biotechnological interest (e.g. ability to degrade toxic compounds, accumulate metals, produce bioactive molecules) and are involved in bioremediation, biomineralization, bioleaching, and biogeochemical cycles in aquatic and terrestrial environments;
    • Characterization of the antibacterial activity of materials and compounds of diverse nature including metal-based coatings for biomedical applications.


    • enrichment, isolation and cultivation of pure microbial strains and/or microbial consortia with peculiar metabolic activities (e.g. biodegradation, bioaccumulation)
    • use of molecular, traditional and -omics methods for microbial communities’ characterization from diverse environments, including both soil and water samples
    • design and develop experiments for testing microbial metabolic activities (e.g. biodegradation, bioaccumulation, secondary metabolites production, bioleaching)
    • use of DNA/RNA sequencing approaches (Illumina and Oxford Nanopore) and microbial genomics for taxonomy and functional studies of microbial communities and microbial pure cultures
    • genetic manipulation and genome editing of microbial strains (systems and synthetic microbiology)
    • microbial biofilm development and analysis
    • microbial Phenotype Microarray analyses for metabolic capacity analysis of microbial isolates and microbial consortia