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Modeling Functional Molecular Materials

Inter-molecular interactions and intra-molecular properties govern structure and properties of molecular materials.

Our target systems are organic chromophores for applications in electronics and optoelectronics.

Our research activity involves the use and development of molecular modeling tools with the objective of deciphering electronic and optical properties as well as charge and energy transport phenomena in conjugated organic molecular materials.

The methodology encompasses quantum-chemical calculations, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations: quantum-chemical models are generally used for the evaluation of intra and inter molecular properties. Quantum-chemical calculations are integrated with molecular dynamics and Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to propagate charge carriers and excitons and to predict transport properties. Systems investigated are models for graphene nanoribbons, n-type and p-type organic semiconductors, dendrimers and other molecular systems featuring extended conjugated core and complex photoresponsive molecular architectures.

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