About LeDAM project

Co-Funded by the Knowledge Innovation Community EIT Manufacturing “LeDAM - Leveraging competences and skills of professionals in digital and automated manufacturing processes” is a new and innovative online training programme addressing the issue of upskilling and reskilling professionals in the manufacturing sector as key elements for competitiveness in a rapidly changing technology scenario and for breaking down inter-generational barriers.

Project aim and targets

The aim of LeDAM project is to meet industrial needs for T-shaped professional education programmes with online educational modules with the most updated and innovative contents on the topics of: Digitalization and Automation of manufacturing processes; AI and VR/AR as enabling tools for flexibility, productivity and competitiveness; Eco-design for sustainable greener processes; Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

It addresses two main targets: Junior professionals (<3 years in the Company), to accelerate the process of aligning skills and consequently improve professional growth and professional development; Senior professionals to integrate missing skills in relation to the most recent technologies introduced in their manufacturing sector.

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