Here you will find all the information about the courses provided by our institute, the schedule of lessons and the related registration procedures. Please wait before proceeding with payment.

We go beyond boundaries: no more space and time limitations!

The Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna is pleased to announce the new cycle of Chinese language courses starting on Monday, October 16. We have renewed our educational offer based on what we experienced in the previous semester, to offer you a complete learning experience. 

For this reason, the Confucius Institute this semester offers the possibility to choose between courses in presence or online, divided by time slots: the "standard" courses will be offered both in presence and online, while the "evening" ones will continue to be online.

For any information or need, contact us at 051-2088537 or via email

The Chinese language courses organized by the Confucius Institute of Bologna are open to everyone: choose the most suitable course for you.

Chinese Language Courses 2023

Registration is quick and easy!

Choose the course by consulting the link Corso di lingua cinese (Ottobre-Gennaio 2024)  and send us a confirmation email with name and surname + level of the course for which you intend to pre-register.  Pre-registration is without obligation. Upon reaching the minimum number of students required to activate the course you will receive a confirmation email and all the information to proceed with the payment.

But don’t worry: before you make the final registration (and then pay the required fee) you will have time to attend a couple of lessons and evaluate whether the course actually meets your needs. For this reason, the payment of the course can only be made from October 20 onwards, after the test week.

Please note that the Institute reserves the right not to activate the course if the minimum number of 10 students is not reached.

Chinese Language Standard Courses

Chinese Language Evening Courses