ISA Topic

Cross-disciplinary topics are selected yearly by the ISA Board to stimulate and sustain interdisciplinary collaborative efforts by UniBo academics and PhD students.

What is it

Financial support is assigned on a competitive basis to initiatives promoting interdisciplinary discussions and dissemination of results obtained by UniBo researches on challenging topics chosen annually by the ISA scientific board. 

Who can apply

Professors and researchers enrolled by the University of Bologna may apply both as individuals or as teams 


Application procedure


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2021 - Who owns the ideas?

To whom do ideas belong? Every aspect of culture and knowledge and every discipline deal with the subject of intellectual property. Whether it is the production and reproduction of a text or a song, or patents on medicines, or the plagiarism in a thesis, or protecting models or prototypes... The Internet, access to scientific results, open access, ... The consequences on law, politics, health, human relations - of stolen, sold, bought ideas or ideas kept hidden - are several and far-reaching. The purpose of this ISA Topic is to open an interdisciplinary discussion on the different aspects of intellectual property and its impact on the research and education system.

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