About us

A powerfully and genuinely cross-disciplinary context

Who we are

The Institute of Advanced Studies (ISA) is an institution of the University of Bologna. ISA has been conceived as a place of learning for inquisitive minds to foster the development and strengthening of collaborations between foreign scholars and scientists operating in the Departments of the University of Bologna. 

ISA began its activities in Spring 2001, joining the small number of similar institutions in the world with a distinctive mission and structure. It was indeed founded to provide a forum for scholars and scientists visiting UniBo and wishing to devote the best of their time and creative energy to carry out projects of theoretical or applied research in collaboration with reseachers and professors operating in all the diverse areas of the University of Bologna.

The University of Bologna has always represented a thriving research community deeply rooted in the European setting and firmly committed to cross-fertilisation with other academic cultures and intellectual traditions. With its rich blend of knowledge and ideas encompassing a millennial tradition, it is in a privileged position to promote a fruitful exchange of intellectual perspectives and projects.


Born to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge at an international level, ISA aims to:

  • boost and provide a platform for an interdisciplinary approach in research and education
  • offer a place of interdisciplinary and multicultural meeting and dialogue for Italian and international scholars and scientists
  • encourage international mobility among professors, PhD students and young researchers
  • give the opportunity to groups of scholars from different disciplines to develop research programmes of innovative content, social impact and international relevance
  • involve international scholars in the educational activities of Unibo through lectures, focus groups and workshops

Where we are

The headquarters of the Institute of Advanced Studies is located in Palazzo Marchesini (how to reach us), a sixteenth century building in the heart of Bologna where all activities and lectures organised by the Institute take place.

The same building also hosts the International Center for Humanistic Studies "Umberto Eco". The Center aims to promote scientific initiatives of high level training and research in the field of humanities.