Digital Cosando Lab

IoT and Digital Making teaching laboratory, Laurea Degree in Computer Science, UNIBO

Founded in 2017 by Prof. Renzo Davoli,  Prof. Marco Di Felice and Prof. Luciano Bononi, and following the experience of the RaspiBO group, the Digital Cosando Lab (DCL, in the following) is an open, collaborative initiative supporting research and educational activities in the field of the IoT and of the digital making at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Bologna.

The DCL is located in Via Ranzani 14, Bologna, it can be freely accessed by students attending the Master Degree in Computer Science at UNIBO and it is equipped with instruments for micro/macro-fabrication and electronic design, sensor devices for area and building monitoring, heterogeneous wireless transceivers for sensor network deployment. 

Examples of activities:

  • Lessons and seminaries
  • Support to the courses' projects
  • Support to students' experimentation and individual projects

Digital Cosando Lab

Via Ranzani 14, First Floor