ImprovEUorGlobe Webinar Series to be held from 21 April at the 6 Una Europa member Universities: University of Bologna, University of Edinburgh, Freie Universität Berlin, The University of Helsinki, Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie and Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

21 April 2023 - Enviromental Protection and External Economic Policies : Recent Development in  the EU. (University of Edinburgh)

27 April 2023 Sustainable Development in EU Trade Policy: A Model to Follow or Room for Improvement?  (Jagiellonian University)

04 May 2023 - Clean Energy and Green Deal: Indigenous and Local People's Concerns. (University of Helsink)

10 May 2023 - The Relevance of Gender in EU Trade Policy: ¿Liquid Rights for Women? (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

13 June 2023 - Europe as a Security Actor: FDI Screening, Critical Infrastructure and Chinese Investment. (Freie Universität Berlin)

31 October 2023 - New Developments in Negotiations, Rules, and Enforcement of the EU Trade Policy. (University of Bologna)

Webinar 21 April 2023 (University of Edinburgh)

Topic: Environmental Protection and External Economic Policies: Recent Developments in the EU
- The Emergence of Climate Clubs;
- The Withdrawal from the ECT;
- An Assessment of the CBAM Proposals;
- A New Era: EU’s Current Approach to Trade and Investment.

Webinar 27 April 2023 (Jagiellonian University)

Topic: Sustainable Development in EU Trade Policy: A Model to Follow or Room for Improvement?
- EU trade-climate in EU FTAs
- Circularity, Responsibility, and Innovation: The EU's Strategy for Sustainable Textile Production
- The EU and Digital Development in Africa: From Development Goal to Geopolitical Agenda?
- Navigating the Troubled Waters of EU Marine Environmental Policies: Where to Next?

Webinar 04 May 2023 (University of Helsinki)

Topic: Clean Energy and Green Deal - Indigenous and Local Peoples’ Concerns
- Local Perceptions of Wind Energy Infrastructures in the Finnish North
- Corporate Climate Responsibility and EU Free Trade Agreements
- Reindeer Herders’ Perspectives to Green Solutions

Webinar 10 May 2023 (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Topic:The Relevance of Gender in EU Trade Policy. ¿Liquid Rights for Women?
Sub Topics:
- ILO Mandate on Gender Equality: Basic Labor Standard in EU Trade Policy
- The Gender Equality in the International Trade
- The Current European Union's Free Trade Agreements: A First Look at the Gender Perspective
- Gender-Based Violence and Arms Trade in Latin America:The Role of the European Union

Webinar 13 June 2023 (Freie Universität Berlin)

Topic: Europe as a Security Actor: FDI Screening, Critical Infrastructure and Chinese Investment.
- Europe’s Role in U.S. - China Strategic Competition.
- Screening for Security: The EU FDI ScreeningMechanism and China’s Strategic Investments.

Webinar 31 October 2023 (University of Bologna)

New Developments in Negotiations, Rules, and Enforcement of the EU Trade Policy
- EU and Mercosur: The Saga of the Largest Mega-Regional Trade Agreement
between the EU and the Global South.
- Cultural Heritage Protection and Promotion in the EU FTAs.
- Objectifying Economic Self-determination? The Standard of Objective Economic
Benefit in EU Trade with Western Sahara.
- The Single Entry Point as an Instrument to Ensure the Participation of Civil Society in the Implementation of TSD Chapters in EU PTAs: Limits and Potentialities.