Our main research activities focus on physical chemical and electrochemical studies of living cells and nanomaterials.
We develop and use electrochemical techniques, such as Scanning ElectroChemical Microscopy (SECM), for i) characterization of biomedical samples and of nanomaterials/nanointerfaces (ChiC@BioNano-Investigation);
ii) functional imaging of living cells and of single cell metabolism (ChiC@Functional-Imaging);
iii) study of the interaction of cells with nanomaterials (ChiC@Cell-Material);
iv) micro-structuring and micro-shaping of surfaces and soft materials for biological applications (ChiC@Micro-Structuring).

ChiC@Medicine: the aim is the development of innovative and miniaturized electrochemical tools enabling the highly sensitive and selective detection of signalling molecules and markers involved in important biomedical processes. Miniaturized electroanalytical probes enable the monitoring of (bio)chemical events occurring on the submicrosecond time scale. The employment of such tools as probes for SECM enable a spatially resolved view on the (bio)chemical events.

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La storia di Stefania, ricercatrice AIRC | I Giorni della Ricerca 2017

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