The project

The EU as a Global Actor

Jean Monnet Chair 


Funded by the European Union, the project "The EU as a Global Actor" aims to enhance students' awareness on the EU's global actorness and strengthen their professional competences for the creation of a public European sphere. 

The project's main activities are: 

  1. Teaching activities on the EU's global role from different disciplinary perspectives;
  2. Webinars with EU foreign policy practitioners and with professionals of information on the EU;
  3. Annual conferences on the EU as a global actor.

Through these activities, the project will bring EU foreign policy-makers and professionals of information on the EU closer to students as well as contribute to policy and academic debate on the EU as a global actor.

Finally, the project supports academic research by the team of the Chair on the EU as a Global Actor, which will generate knowledge on the topic in the form of policy analyses/recommendations and academic works. 

Chair holder 

Prof. Elena Baracani

The project team of the Chair 

Prof. Filippo Andreatta, Prof. Elena Baracani, Prof.ssa Claudia Capelli, Prof. Roberto Castaldi, Prof. Giulia Cimini, Prof. Pina Lalli, Prof. Giuliana Laschi, Dr. Elisabetta Lucertini, Prof. Massimiliano Trentin. 

The steering committee of the Chair 

Prof. Filippo Andreatta, Director of the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Bologna; Prof. Elena Baracani, EUGlobA Chair holder; Prof. Roberto Castaldi, Director of CesUE/Euractiv Italia; Prof. Giuliana Laschi, President of Punto Europa Forlì; Dr. Elisabetta Lucertini, Head of Europe Direct Emilia-Romagna. 

Project manager

Dr. Michele Danesi