The proposed cooperation between UNIBO, KU, and TU rests on four collaborative pillars:

-      Activity 1. Creation of the “EU-Asia Politics and Markets” Platform;

-      Activity 2. Invitation to UNIBO of one faculty member from KU for a two-weeks series of lectures;

-      Activity 3. Organization of the first Winter School on “EU-Asia Politics and Markets” at UNIBO;

-      Activity 4. Organization of a Student Conference on “EU-Asia Politics and Markets” logistically at TU, but jointly organized with AGU.


The “EU-Asia Politics and Markets” Platform is conceived as:

-       A group of professors/researchers/Ph.D. students from UNIBO and KU teaching and carrying out research around the topic “EU-Asia Politics and Markets” leading the project’s activity. The core team is indicated in this project proposal, but it is expected that other specialists join the team once the project is launched;

-       A collaborative online platform (ready by March 2019 and officially launched in April 2019) open to EU and Asian teaching staff and students (and a wider audience) that promote the project’s activities, collect all the materials develop, and gather articles on the topic that can support students learning and research activity. The platform is developed using UNIBO “on demand sites” guaranteeing UNIBO ownership.