WP2 - Student Classroom Engagement

WP Leaders

Uppsala University (Sweden) and Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear (Cambodia)


General aims

According to teaching staff of KH, LA and MM, learning and teaching in their national education systems suffer from a significant lack of innovative and dynamic methodologies that could enable a more active, proficient and committed involvement of students in the learning process. WP2 activities are designed to address these critical issues, offering training opportunities – according to a “Training of Trainers” (ToT) methodology – and supporting the adoption of guidelines for the improvement of teaching methods. To improve education practices and training methodologies in a durable and sustainable manner, ENGAGE will finance a ToT workshop in order to develop and spread participative and inclusive teaching methodologies among all participants and  their  respective institutions.


WP Activities

  • 2.1 Selection of ToT partcipants and collection of target groups’ needs;

  •  2.2 Organization and development of the ToT;

  • 2.3 Organization and development of the Cascade Training;

  • 2.4 Development of new T&L guidelines;

  • 2.5 Approval of this guidelines at Institutional level.