Plan of publication

The first two sections will require, as estimated, three years of activity. The third section will require a longer span of time.

 Section I – Writings and speeches

  1. The Early Years (1932-1946), edited by Gaetano Crociata and Paolo Trionfini
  2. The Period of Dossetti and Iniziativa Democratica (1946-1958), edited by Ugo De Siervo and Enrico Galavotti
    1. Book I: The Period of Dossetti (1946-1951)
    2. Book II: Iniziativa democratica (1952-1958)
  3. The Center-Left Coalition (1959-1968), edited by Leopoldo Nuti e Paolo Pombeni
    1. Book I: Secretary of the Christian Democratic Party 1959-1963)
    2. Book II: The First Center- Left Coalition (1964-1968)
  4.  The Last Phase, edited by Guido Formigoni and Agostino Giovagnoli
    1. Book I: At the ministry of Foreign Affairs ant at the Opposition in the Party (June 1968 – June 1973)
    2. Tomo II: The Return to Center-Left and “National Solidarity” (June 1973 – May 1978)

Section II – Juridical works
1. The First Monographs (1939-1942), edited by Luciano Eusebi
2. The Lecture Notes on Philosophy of Law (1941-1947), edited by Nicola Antonetti
3. The Post-War Monographs (1947-1951), edited by Marco Pelissero
4. The Lessons of Institutions of Criminal Law and Procedure, edited by Francesco Carlo Palazzo