About the project

Introduction to the project of the National Edition of Aldo Moro's Works

The Committee for the National Edition of Aldo Moro’s Works has been established by the Italian Ministry for the Cultural Endowment, Cultural Activities, and Tourism, with a Ministerial Decree dated November 15, 2016, and was installed on December 6, 2016.

As its first goal, the Committee has to provide a critical, philologically sure and annotated edition of Moro’s published and unpublished texts, with historical introductions to them. Moreover, the National Edition of Aldo Moro’s Works will have three other major features:

  1. it will be implemented in a digital platform in order to make the outcome, not only universally accessible but also searchable with complex procedures (Bruno Kessler Foundation); 
  2. it will be the first National Edition to propose written texts (for what concerns Moro’s speeches and interviews) and audio and/or visual documents in an integrated way, by inserting links to the audio-visual sources related to the same event or occasion;
  3. it will devote special attention to the internationalization of the results, foreseeing keywords also in English and a guide to orient the International public, also listing which ones among Moro’s works are available in foreign languages.

The work will be articulated into three sections:

Section I – Writings and speeches, articulated in four volumes, devoted to the religious, journalistic and political writings of Moro, according to an essentially biographical sequence;

Section II – Juridical works, articulated in four volumes and devoted to the juridical works, that is those of an Academic character that Moro published as a lecturer and then as docent-at-large and finally as full professor of Criminal Law, and as professor of the courses of Philosophy of Law, according to a chronological articulation;

Section III – Correspondence, still to be structured and devoted to the epistolary, both personal and political.