Generation of a synthetic image to estimate friction with the "oil film" technique

Analysis and development of a code for estimating friction with oil film, development of a synthetic image starting from experimental data

Topic: Development of a code, friction estimation through the oil film

Description: The work is part of the activities of the CICLoPE laboratory aimed at the study and development of measurement methods for reducing friction resistance. The purpose of the thesis is to analyze the experimental data available, develop a code that allows you to estimate the friction through synthetic images and compare them with data from the experimental campaigns carried out at the CICLoPE laboratory

Requirements: It is necessary to have a good ability to investigate the available databases and develop a scientific synthesis. It is necessary to know how to work with tools such as: labview, MATLAB or other PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES.

Learning objectives: Operation of the main measurement systems in the wind tunnel, ability to operate with an extremely sophisticated measurement system, development of a code for estimating errors deriving from measurement uncertainties

type / duration: Three-year experimental degree thesis / 3 months full-time