Development of a wind tunnel temperature control system

Example of a wind tunnel test section

Topicmeasurement and control instrumentation for wind tunnels

Description: The work is part of the activities of the Applied Aerodynamics laboratory aimed at measuring aerodynamic forces and boundary layer physics. The aim of the thesis is to develop control laws for the temperature regulation system of the CICLoPE Long Pipe and their implementation in the tunnel control software.

Requirements: It is necessary to have a good ability with tools such as: labview, MATLAB or other PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES. A basic knowledge of automatic control theory (e.g. PID).

Learning objectives: Operation of the main measurement and control systems in the wind tunnel, knowledge of commercial software for data acquisition and instrument control.

Activities: Study of the temperature control system, development and implementation of an algorithm, software implementation and testing.

type / duration: Three-year experimental degree thesis / 2 months full-time