CFD study of the flow inside ventilation helmet

Analysis and development of a code that allows the study of the motion of flows inside helmets used in intensive care

Topic: Set up of a CFD study of the motion of internal flows

Description: The work is part of the activities of the CICLoPE laboratory aimed at the study and development of measurement methods for the estimation of passive scalars present inside ducts; The activity is part of a collaboration and will include numerical activities and the development of a numerical code for the study and analysis of these flows

Requirements: It is necessary to have a good ability to investigate the available databases and develop a scientific synthesis. It is necessary to know how to work with tools such as: labview, MATLAB or other PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES.

Learning objectives: Operation of the main measurement systems in the wind tunnel, ability to operate with an extremely complex measurement system.

type / duration: Bachelor/Master experimental degree thesis / 6 months full-time