Spatial filtering effect of miniaturized hot wire anemometer

development of a system (including procedures) for the realization of hot wire anemometric micro sensors and test on tunnel calibrator

Topic: analysis on measuring instruments for wind tunnels

Description: The work is part of the activities of the CICLoPE laboratory aimed at the study and development of measurement methods for turbulent flows. The aim of the thesis is to develop a system for the construction and repair of hot-wire anemometric micro-probes to be used in the laboratory.

Requirements: It is necessary to have good dexterity with welding devices and electronic devices. It is necessary to know how to work with tools such as: labview, MATLAB or other PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES.

Learning objectives: Operation of the main measurement systems in the wind tunnel, ability to operate with an extremely sophisticated measurement system.

type / duration: Bachelor or Master experimental thesis / 6 months full-time