Learn about our association's history and mission


The Centre for Contemporary Poetry of the University of Bologna was founded as association on May 22, 1997, along with the Rector Fabio Roversi Monaco’s support, with Ezio Raimondi as President, Davide Rondoni as Director and Mario Luzi as Honorary President.

The successive rectors of Alma Mater, Pier Ugo Calzolari, Ivano Dionigi, Francesco Ubertini and Giovanni Molari pledged their support to cultural activities of the Centre.

After Raimondi’s passing, in 2014, the presidency of the Centre was taken over by Alberto Destro, and then in years 2020-2023 by Andrea Ceccherelli. Since 2024, the President is Giuseppe Ledda.

The director’s position, first held by Rondoni, who remained in office until 2013, apart from a three-year Andrea Gibellini’s interlude (2000-2003), was later taken by Valerio Grutt (2013-2016) and subsequently by Riccardo Frolloni (2017-2020) and Isabella Leardini (2022-).

In 2021, the Centre adopted a new Statute and a new organisational structure.

Over the years, the Centre has promoted numerous initiatives in the field of poetry, such as, among others, meet-the-author sessions with Italian and foreign poets, including Mario Luzi, Franco Loi, Andrea Zanzotto, Fernando Bandini, Derek Walcott, Wisława Szymborska, Seamus Heaney, Alvaro Mutis, Homero Aridijis, Susan Stewart, Peter Handke, Durs Grünbein, Adam Zagajewski.



The Centre’s mission is to encourage the exchange of ideas on poetry among students, researchers and teachers from Italian and foreign universities. Specifically, it aims at facilitating the accessibility of the most relevant experiences of contemporary poetry, by providing students with adequate information and study instruments, through national and international based activities and collaboration.

The Centre promotes poetry through awards, festivals, laboratories and meetings with poets, critics and researchers.