Lab & Equipment

The Bergamini Group is located in the "Giacomo Ciamician" Department of Chemistry at the University of Bologna. The laboratory is well equipped with specialized instrumentation necessary to support cutting-edge research and experiments in photochemistry, photophysics and electrochemistry. The Group has access to the main characterization facilities available in the Chemistry Department as well as nearby facilities at the National Research Council (CNR) Departments.

Equipment & Instruments

Photophysics: UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer and spectrofluorimeter; instruments for absorption and emission spectroscopy with polarized light: circular dicroism, steady-state and time-resolved luminescence anisotropy; spectrofluorimeter to measure time-resolved luminescence; transient absorption and emission spectroscopy by laser excitation; stopped-flow instrument to study reaction kinetics by absorption and emission spectroscopy; fluorescence wide-field and confocal microscope.

Photochemistry: apparatus for irradiation with lamps, lasers, LEDs (from UV to NIR)

Electrochemistry: electrochemical equipment for cyclic and differential-pulsed voltammetry, chronoamperometry, coulometry with conventional and ultramicroelectrodes; equipment for complex impedance spectroscopy; absorption and emission spectroelectrochemistry

Structural characterization: Dynamic Light Scattering, range: 0.6-6000 nm, and zeta potential of macromolecules and colloids in solution, Atomic Force Microscopy

Pumps, syringes and tubes for microfluidic experiments