The Bergamini Group maintains a growing number of collaborations, both in Italy and abroad.

  • Bonifazi Research Group, Prof. Davide Bonifazi (Cardiff University, UK): supramolecular self-assembly and smart interfaces
  • Amirav Lab, Prof. Lilac Amirav (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel): Semiconductor materials for photocatalysis
  • Nanochemistry Group, Prof. Liberato Manna (Italian Institute of technology - IIT, Genova, Italy): Nanostructures for solar energy conversion
  • Prof. Johan Hofkens and Prof. Maarten Roeffaers (KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium): fluorescence microscopy click here for more info
  •  Prof. Stefano Caramori and Dr. Mirco Natali (University of Ferrara, Italy): solar cell applications
  • Prof. Roberta Ramponi and Dr. Shane Eaton (CNR-IFN and Politecnico, Milan, Italy): microfluidic.
  • Dr. Vittorio Morandi and Dr. Luca Ortolani (CNR-IMM, Bologna, Italy): HRTEM and graphene.
  • Prof. Marc Gingras (CINAM CNRS UMR, Marseille, France): dendrimers for solar cell applications and LED
  • Dr. Giovanna Barbarella and Dr. Francesca Di Maria (CNR-ISOF, Bologna, Italy): Oligothiophene compounds for optoelectronic
  • Melchiorre Group, Prof. Paolo Melchiorre (ICIQ, Terragona, Spain): Organic Photocatalysis