This project aims at uncovering the BEneficial effect of NEW educational and physical activity programs. The acronym BE-NEW indicates the need of pursuing a novel style of life incorporating the practice of physical exercise into the daily routine.

The BE-NEW project will target voluntary aspects in training, sport inclusion of poor social classes more affected by the diabetes, and give opportunities to such people to access personalized sports programs.

The general objective of the project is to improve the physiological conditions of people with diabetes through the constant practice of physical activity.

Specific objectives:

  • increase physical activity in a sedentary diabetic population and especially in disadvantaged people,
  • carry out university training courses,
  • promote specific educational programs regarding the teaching of physical activity for children/adolescents with diabetes.


 Impact 1: Improve the average health indicators for diabetic population and demonstrate the effectiveness of exercises in diabetic people by producing scientific evidences of benefits in overall health conditions.

Impact 2: Contribute in improving the accessibility to sport practice for disadvantage people by overcoming the current socio-economic barriers that prevent a wide spread of sports practice among diabetics in particular in the most disadvantaged social classes.

Impact 3: Design and deploy a physical activity program (based on solid scientific data), involve a significant number of diabetic people in five EU countries and administer a relevant and structured training program able to raise the awareness of the importance of exercises for improving their health.

Impact 4: Train new groups of coaches/teachers in a structured way and through validated scientific protocols