WP2 - Internships framing: training and establishment of dedicated database and offices

This page is dedicated to the results of the WP2. In the right column you may find the documents issued by the EU and Iraqi partners in the frame of the WP2 activities.

Activities and results:

2.1 - Selection of Iraqi administrative staff to be assigned to the newly established internship offices (Document 1);

2.2 - Training and transfer of know-how of the selected administrative staff (Document 1);

2.3 - Drafting of an action plan for the internship offices (Document 2);

2.4 - Internship database activated in each HEIs (Document 3) (this document will be costantly updated, in the right column you always find the latest version);

2.5 - Opening of fist call for applications for the selection of internees (ongoing);