"Banuu - Designing new pathways for employability and entrepreneurship of Iraqi students in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage" is a three-year (2020-2023) international project funded by the European Union in the frame of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Key Action 2 in the Field of Higher Education.

The Banuu project aims at contributing to the improvement of the students’ employability in the field of Humanities in Iraq by creating new pathways of cooperation between Universities and the public and enterprise sectors. This will be the result of six specific practical objectives connected with the different WPs of the project:

1- Creation of a national framework for designing and implementing internships in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Iraq.

2- Creation of new pathways to enhance Iraqi students’ transversal skills (focus on entrepreneurial skills).

3- Piloting of the new frameworks and pathways in 3 specific sectors: PA, CTG, CHM.

4- Re-drafting of the learning outcomes of Iraqi BA and MA degree programs involving external partners as co-producers of knowledge.

5- Strengthening of the relations between HEIs (Universities, Ministry) and the wider national economic and social environment.

6- Creating a favorable legal, administrative, and financial environment in which HEIs can draft comprehensive agreements and contracts with external partners.