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ASC Winter School 2023

The Erasmus Mundus Master’s Course «Advanced spectroscopy in chemistry» is a two-year (120 credits) programme within 5 European universities, providing students with a cross cultural education and expertise in state of the art spectroscopic techniques in a broad range of modern chemistry applications.
A winter school is organized each year in a different location on a chosen topic to deepen one specific field of spectroscopy.

This year, the Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari" at the University of Bologna, together with the partner of the of Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry (ASC) consortium, have the honor of inviting master students to the 2023 ASC Winter School. The main theme of the Winter School is “Spectroscopy at different length and time scales”. The ASC school will be held at the Chemistry Campus in Bologna, from the 13th to 17th of February 2023.

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