The ARCHEA proposal concerns a flexible learning path regarding the urban study and specifically the quality evaluation and design of the Open Space of the European medium-sized cities. In the Higher Education curricula of Architecture courses, the study of the Open Space of cities is dealt with through different approaches and educational methods. Consequently, this ARCHEA project gathers onto a single platform (E-LEARNING) different partners from several Universities with an elevated level of knowledge and skill in subdisciplines to do with the architectural study of the European medium-sized cities.
Additionally, analysis and design represent two complementary aspects of these studies, whose high-quality teaching requires both a theoretical-analytical component and laboratory-experimental activities applied to a real case study.

For this reason, the ARCHEA project includes both the implementation of a theoretical-analytical Learning Path available through the e-learning platform and the implementation of an Intensive Programme for Learners, where the students are involved in practical and creative workshop activities (Architectural Design Workshops).

As a participant to the ARCHEA project, you can access the courses and plan your practical activities.

About the courses (e-learning platform) 
About practical activities (Architectural Design Workshops)