Students can participate to practical activities organized by the partner universities.

The proposed practical activities take the form of two Architectural Design Workshops in which the students have to work on the Urban Design project of an area of the two European medium-sized cities assumed as the object of study, Bologna and Aachen.

It is a question of applying the didactic inputs deriving from the most advanced research in the field of study, quality evaluation and design of the Open Space of the European medium-sized city to a real case study.

The two proposed Architectural Design Workshops will be reflecting upon the Open Space of the European medium-sized city, which is assumed as a qualitative reference model for the project of the contemporary city and to give a quality response to the indiscriminate and disordered way with which in the last twenty years, cities have invaded and occupied agricultural land, i.e. as an anti-sprawl and sustainable development strategy.

In addition to partner theachers, we would like to includ:

- integrated teachers from various disciplines (architectural design, sociology and urban marketing, history of architecture, project budgeting, etc.);
- assistant professors chosen from among head lecturers at their respective universities;
- guest expert for lessons on specific themes, including functionaries from municipal bodies and those looking after Architectural and Landscape Heritage.

Many stakeholders and Associated Partners will participate in the choice of the area of the city under study. Beyond that they will have to participate regularly in the workshop's work as both speakers and discussant during the intermediate seminars and the final presentation so that the ARCHEA project takes the form of an example of Crosssectorial cooperation.


CESENA, 22-30 NOVEMBER 2019: Architectural Design Workshop. Redesigning the European medium-sized city: the ex-market area of Bologna

AACHEN, 21-29 NOVEMBER 2020: Architectural Design Workshop. Redesigning the European medium-sized city: the Driescher Hof in Aachen's periphery