University students of Emilia-Romagna challenge Coronavirus with Oper.TEN solutions

Attention to individual safety, information and connection that speak digital, intelligent entertainment for children and, above all, the fight against the loneliness of the elderly. Four areas of our 'new' daily life, addressed by students during Oper.TEN, the design path promoted by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with AlmaCube and AlmaLabor.

Ten days, four teams of students from the Emilia-Romagna universities and one great challenge: here are the ingredients of Oper.TEN, the design path promoted by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with AlmaCube and AlmaLabor, to solve four topical problems "in the time of the coronavirus".

"The creativity of our students is a precious resource and this initiative is a further testimony: in just ten days of work, innovative, simple and immediate solutions to some of the most common problems in these emergency weeks were born", declares Francesco Ubertini, rector of the University of Bologna. “I thank all the students who participated in this initiative and all the companies and institutions that have made themselves available to collaborate. Only with the joint commitment of all will we be able to take that step forward that we now need."

Seniors who become digital "storytellers" with the help of children and grandchildren. A programmed booking and collection system for grocery shopping. A package of teaching tools designed to help educators and families in the home management of children. A recovery network for unused electronic devices, to be offered to those who need them for online teaching. Here are the solutions outlined by the university students who participated in Oper.TEN.


How to help lonely elderly people feel useful and connected to family and friends while staying at home?

The solution designed by Oper.TEN students is called "Esci i nonni" (bring out the grandparents). Designed with the support of Auser and the Municipality of Bologna, the project consists of an Instagram page, a podcast and a printed publication. A series of tools designed to be filled with stories and images that children, grandchildren and relatives will be able to collect by speaking, listening, involving their older family members.


How to guarantee the possibility to shop safely in supermarkets?

Designed together with Coop Reno and Legacoop Bologna as part of the Think4Food project, "Safe IT Easy" is a system that allows you to order your grocery from home and then pick it up ready from the supermarket. The project also provides for the possibility of creating solidarity condominium networks to make common orders and thus limit travel.

How to actively entertain the little ones thus supporting the parents who work from home?

Conceived with the support of IES - Institution of Education and Giovanni Sedioli School, of Archilabò and of Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, "KIT-INSEGNA" contains a series of tools designed to help educators continue the educational path of children even at a distance. In this way, parents who find themselves working from home will be supported and guided by the teachers in organizing activities for the little ones, with new games and educational modules to be "activated" during the week.

How can we offer everyone the opportunity to be connected and informed, so that we can better face this emergency situation?

Born with the support of the Municipality of Bologna, Auser, the autonomous educational institutions of the city of Bologna, the Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino and YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, the "Digital & Equal" project is aimed at all those who have an old smartphone or laptop in the drawer, still functional but no longer used. In addition to putting donors in contact with those who need a device, the project provides a technical assistance service and a system of collection and home delivery of the devices.