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AlmaEngage is a virtual structure designed to monitor, support and promote all the initiatives of development cooperation and social engagement of the University of Bologna. These initiatives, which see an increasing involvement of the academic community, result in a variety of actions at local and international level. Through AlmaEngage, it is possible to promote and put in place any planned initiatives, as well as to create and implement new ones aimed at sensitizing and stimulating academic and non-academic stakeholders on the themes of development cooperation and social engagement, with a particular focus on students (e.g. mobility projects, access to study, development of skills). The project is part of a broader process in which universities are opening up to the outside world, are actively engaging in social and public issues and are sharing as well as transferring knowledge to the benefit of society.

Development cooperation and social engagement are fundamental activities for the University of Bologna, since they combine three central elements: internationalization, third mission and active citizenship.

The academic community of the Alma Mater has long been involved in cooperation and social engagement projects, operating both on the local territory and in various geographical areas of the world. Today, however, the global changes taking place and the increasingly important and visible role of universities in promoting social development at all levels urge to make individual engagement systematic, to coordinate the various initiatives under way and offer support services.

If you go throurgh all the projects and initiatives described in this website, you will understand that the animators of the cooperation and social engagement activities developed by the Alma Mater are lecturers and professors, but also - and increasingly - BA, MA and PhD students. For those who are studying or carrying out research activities, to be involved in these issues can also turn into a great opportunity for training, professional growth and for strengthening those transversal skills that are increasingly needed in a globalized society. On these aspects, the University of Bologna wants to continue to grow and propose initiatives, in line with what is happening in several Italian and European universities.

At the national level, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the University Coordination for Development Cooperation and the Commission of Rector Delegates to the International Development Cooperation, coordinated by the CRUI, have identified three priority lines of intervention:

  1. training of human resources and support for the growth of university systems and research in the countries and priority sectors for Italian cooperation;
  2. research and action-research projects designed to analyze contexts and introduce changes with a view to development;
  3. training on the themes of development, starting from the student community, the enhancement of the presence of international students coming from developing countries and the possibility of developing training experiences and intervention in the field.

These are broad and concrete lines of intervention, which are closely linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Starting from these elements, many universities, including our Alma Mater, are questioning what they can do next to respond to development needs (education, environment, health, etc.) with training, research and third mission activities able to redesign policies and start ever more effective development interventions.


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