Start Up Day 19 May 2021 – StudENT for Africa


On 19th of May 2021 the Start Up Day will be held! The online event, organised by the University of Bologna, in one day brings together thousands of people linked to the word of innovation and star-ups.

At 17:00 StudENT for Africa will speak, an entrepreneurship program of the University of Bologna, during the Business Developement in Africa webinar.


The interventions will be:

16:00  Introduction– Fabio Santoni, Noveconsulting
16:05  Roberto Mercadini, actor and blogger
16.20  Sergio Tommasini, Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo
16.30  Umberto Trulli, International Executive Coach
16.40  Elisabetta Demartis, Jengalab
16.50  Samia Oursana, MaroccoconSamia
17.00 Startups born from StudENT for Africa - Bioverse Srl e Chiwarà
17.10 Conclusion / Q&A

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