Fashion in the Metaverse: Technologies, Applications, and Opportunities: IFIP ICEC 2023 Tutorial

Webpage for the IFIP ICEC 2023 Tutorial "Fashion in the Metaverse: Technologies, Applications, and Opportunities"


This tutorial will provide participants with an overview of how academia and industry are applying Metaverse-related technologies to the entertainment sector, with an emphasis on fashion. Fashion, in fact, appears as an interesting use case, as it integrates:

  • Entertainment and storytelling aspects;
  • Creativity;
  • Industrial production;
  • Large customer bases.


In the last three decades, different research products and experiences have been proposed based on augmented and virtual reality technologies, but the advent of a Metaverse ecosystem deploying non-fungible tokens, artificial intelligence paradigms, and advanced interfaces is opening completely new scenarios.

The material will be presented adopting a methodological approach, proposing taxonomies and analyses which connect to consumer needs, use cases, hardware technologies, and software architectures. The target audience that would most benefit from this tutorial would be entertainment professionals in academia and industry, with a particular interest in cultural heritage preservation, creative aspects, brand identity, and Commerce.

By the end of this tutorial, an attendee could develop a drafted project proposal for future funding applications or outline a research and development agenda.

Description of Tutorial Content


The first hour will be an introduction to the Metaverse, related technologies, and state-of-the-art systems from both academic and industrial point-of-view [1-5]. In particular, a discussion about XR, NFTs, AI, and DT, and how they can be composed in several contexts to create effective experiences for both business-oriented applications and academic ones.

For example, we will contextualize xCommerce, AI, and NFTs integration with recent works on the topic of business applications, storytelling, and collaborative approaches [3,4,6,7,8]. An overview of XR, AI, and DT paradigms in industrial use cases will be provided, focusing on topics like item validation, supply chain, and generative design [9,10].

Participants will then be broken up into small groups or pairs to work with their colleagues (if present). After that, participants will work for 1.5 h to develop a brand new idea or work on mapping an existing idea/project into a novel solution for integrating Metaverse technologies into innovative or existing use-case.

After the ‘hands-on’ working session, 30 min will be allocated for groups to report back on and present their ideas.

Tutorial Material





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