The project develops through three stages, which include the following activities:

a) Research, storage, and digitalisation of written documents (English, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish and German), with the aim of building a wide corpus of evidence related the University of Bologna’s cultural heritage.

b) Engaging a wide and multi-faceted audience by making the documents available to different receivers: the academic community, the local community and the community of travellers, in order to collect oral contemporary evidence as well.

c) Production and dissemination of promotional materials, based on the corpus of texts, which will help re-discover the heritage of the University of Bologna as an attractive destination for a cultural, experiential and sustainable form of tourism. Some of the documents will be included in two types of products: digital and paper brochures - including original texts and the related Italian translation - and free multilingual audio guide apps, which will offer a different “journey” through the heritage of the University of Bologna.

Among the past activities we highlight the following: Interview to the Research Unit LBC-CeSLiC on the UNICittà project 

For further activities, see the section Agenda