Quantitative analysis is increasingly considered as a critical part of scientific research in the realm of anthropology, archaeology, and cultural heritage. New 3D technologies facilitate the quick and accurate generation of high volumes of data that need to be managed and analysed. This course will provide participants with  basic concepts and techniques of geometric morphometrics. Viewbox software will be used to capture the geometrical characteristics (shape variables) of 3D surface models (e.g., osteological and archaeological materials). A 3D template of (semi)landmarks will be created in order to create a configuration of homologous points that correspond in all specimens of a data set. Subsequently, the template will be applied to the targets and the sample will be statistically analyzed by means of Generalized Procrustes analysis (GPA) and Principal Component analysis (PCA). Visualization of shape changes along the principal axes will be obtained by Thin Plate Spline (TPS) interpolation. Specific issues will be addressed during the course, such as coping with incomplete osteological/archaeological materials.

PROGRAM 17th-19th June

17th June

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18th june

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19th june

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