“I fell in love with Italy during an internship and I wanted to get back to study and live here”

Kateryna is a Student Ambassador from Ukraine and studies at the MA in Fashion Studies in Rimini Campus

Published on 31 August 2022 | Europe

Kate in Venice

All it took was an internship...

My name is Kate, I’m from Ukraine, and I am a student of the MA in Fashion Studies at the University of Bologna. This is not my first experience studying abroad, I’ve studied in France and Poland before. I chose to change country once again because I fell in love with Italy, its people and culture during an internship. I came to the University of Bologna basing my choice on the degree programme; indeed, I was looking for something related to strategic fashion management, and I think I really made the right choice coming here. Before enrolling here, I had only attended private universities and I found it interesting to study in a public university and discover its plentiful opportunities.


A tale of a smooth enrolment

When I decided to apply for the degree programme I was interested in, I was already in Italy. For this reason, it was quite easy to get a “permesso” (residence permit). The same goes for having my diploma recognised by Unibo as it was a European one. As for the admission itself, I had an enjoyable interview with some professors. I decided to be open and honest and this choice really paid off since short after I got admitted to the university. After that, I started actively studying Italian and collecting all the necessary documents to apply for a scholarship.

Kate in Rimini

Flexible and hands-on, that’s how I like my degree programme

I must say that I really enjoyed my degree programme. In particular, I appreciated the hands-on approach of some courses and the possibility to visit famous Italian factories to see first-hand how clothes are created. I also appreciated the courses in marketing and management, and this is the field in which I am going to work. Another aspect that I appreciated about the University of Bologna is its flexibility: each student must choose some additional courses not necessarily related to the field they are graduating in. For example, I took psychology courses and I found them rewarding and they gave me a new perspective on things.

Throughout the Covid outbreak, we attended classes online and I really liked that as I had more time for myself. The university took care of the students and made it possible to attend classes in hybrid mode (both online and in person) using all the necessary precautions.


No downsides to the Rimini Campus

Before coming to Italy, I already had some knowledge of Italian. Once there, I attended Italian courses offered by the Italian state and the campus. I really enjoyed them and now I can state that I have a very good knowledge of Italian. I’d say that I speak this language fluently with friends and in everyday life situations.

Being in the Rimini campus has always proved beneficial for me. I had the possibility to meet many interesting people from professors to designers. I used many university services: I often spent time in the library and booked rooms for my zoom meetings. Easy enough when you also have a university WIFI connection everywhere! I also used some applications of the university to check my university career progress and upcoming deadlines. Moreover, I received a full regional ER.GO scholarship and an international scholarship. On top of that I also had a part-time job and worked as a tutor for the university. These opportunities helped me a lot as I found myself in a stable financial situation that allowed me to completely devote myself to learning activities and new experiences.

Roman bridge in Rimini

Rimini, the perfect balance between quiet and fun

I studied in Rimini, a small and nice seaside city. On my first day, I was amazed by the atmosphere of this city: it was a Wednesday, the market day, and all the people were enjoying their life in the main square, it was wonderful! Fortunately, I quickly found friends in Rimini and I must thank other former and international students who told me everything I needed to know to have a comfortable stay in the city. I think this is an ideal city for students, as there is everything that young people need within walking distance. It is very easy to navigate the city, if you wish you can take a bus, but I have used them only a few times since everything in the city is within walking distance, one can even go to the beach from the centre while enjoying the city. The city is very cosy and combines noisy fun and active nightlife in summer with a rather calm atmosphere and mesmerizing events, festivals, exhibitions in the colder season.

I quickly found an accommodation in Rimini near the city centre, I rented an apartment with a friend, and I felt this solution suited me the best. In our free time, my friends and I travelled to different regions and villages, got acquainted with the local culture, went to the sea, dined at local restaurants, and often went dancing on the beach.


Read carefully and trust the people around you

I definitely recommend the University of Bologna to future international students: opportunities, level of education, cultural aspects, location and the people are just some of the reasons why you should enrol here. This university is truly special, and I am sure that everyone will find something to their liking and at the same time receive a high level of education. The university offers a lot of free opportunities, the most important thing is not to be caught off-guard and take advantage of them: in this way your path will be full of positive emotions, and it will allow you to build the career of your dreams.

I have two tips for prospective international students: 1) read the so-called “bando” (call) carefully and collect all the necessary documents as soon as possible; 2) be open and not afraid to communicate with other students and/or with the degree programme tutor if any problems arise. They can really help you!